Announcement: Theme-D version 0.9-0
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2015-08-16 06:07:19 UTC
Theme-D is a programming language based on Scheme. Some properties of Theme-D include:

-Static type system
-A simple object system
-Multi-methods dispatched runtime (and also compile-time)
-Parametrized (type parameters) classes, types, and procedures
-A module system
-Two kinds of variables: constants and mutable variables. The value of a constant cannot be changed after the constant is created.

New features in version 0.9.0 include:

Linker strips away unused code.
- Optimized application functionals apply, apply-nonpure, and apply-without-result.
- Implemented keyword import-and-reeexport for importing and reexporting modules.
- Implemented keywords match-type and try-cast for type casting.
- Implemented the symbol tables in the compiler and linker as hash tables instead of lists.
- Made the foreign function interface better. It is no longer necessary to specify equivalence predicates for external classes. Keyword prevent-stripping prevents stripping away a variable, which may be needed with the FFI.
- The Theme-D configuration file may be put into user's home directory instead of /etc.

- Tommi Höynälänmaa
2015-08-16 06:08:31 UTC
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