Scheme 48 1.9 available
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Michael Sperber
2013-01-22 17:28:26 UTC
Version 1.9 of the Scheme 48 system is now available from the Scheme 48
home page:


Scheme 48 is a based on byte-code interpreter and comes with a module
system, an extensive set of libraries, an interactive command-line-based
development environment and a manual in various formats. Scheme 48 runs
on most Unix/Linux systems, as well as Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Vista,
and is fully R5RS-conformant.

The 1.9 release has been a long time in the making, and is a substantial
feature release, with help from many contributors. See the attached
release notes for details.

This release marks a change in direction (actually two
changes) for Scheme 48:

As most regular users of the system know, the system was originally
developed by Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees. I have handled the
releases of Scheme 48 since version 1.1, with the help of Martin
Gasbichler, Marcus Crestani and many other volunteers. We have tried to
make the system more oriented towards practical uses, and thus moved
away from Richard's and Jonathan's original goals for the system.
Nevertheless, we continued to release and distribute with Richard's and
Jonathan's names featured most prominently, as the number of
contributors and the amount of contributed code steadily increased.

Richard and Jonathan requested that we made the gradual change in
direction of the project explicit, which we are trying to do starting
with this release. The last release Richard and Jonathan handled was
0.57, and they created a 0.58 release that is a more appropriate
starting point for the subsequent releases. This release 0.58 is also
now available from the web site. Unfortunately, Richard, Jonathan, and
I were not able to reach an agreement on how to best handle changes made
since then, particularly on how to properly attribute contributions and
changes made to the system. I decided to do my best to accurately
credit contributors for each single file in the system. This involved a
lot of archeology: I'm more than happy to add credit where I dropped the
ball, and apologize for any inaccuracies I have introduced.

Also, the 1.9 release is also probably the last release handled by me
that is actually called "Scheme 48", as we are working on introducing
more major changes, among them R6RS support. (This may take a while
yet. I do not have much time to spend on Scheme 48 these days.) So
future releases along this line will have a name other than "Scheme 48".

Anyway, for now, here's Scheme 48 1.9. I appreciate the help of
numerous contributors who helped me pushing this out; the long delay,
however, is all my fault.

Fyndhorn Elder
2013-11-30 21:37:15 UTC
Post by Michael Sperber
Version 1.9 of the Scheme 48 system is now available from the Scheme 48
FYI are there any requests for sunterlib with the new s48 ?

I will try to contact the sunterlib folks as myself to make it happen.

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